“I am forever thankful that my wedding photos are not only beautiful, but they stir up all the emotions every time I look at them.”


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I absolutely love weddings! I love people in love!

I love the beauty of it all. I love the details, the care and attention that reflects your personalities.

I love the emotions. From the nervous anticipation to the poignancy, to the belly laughter.

I love the family, the connections, the friendships that have been there forever and the new ones formed on the dance floor.

I love beautiful light and have a bit of an obsession with sunset shots.

Most importantly, I love love and will travel to the far flung corners of the earth to capture it. I know it is a great honour to be chosen as your wedding photographer to capture memories of one of your most important celebrations and whether is is an intimate elopement, a hilltop ceremony for two, a big family knees up or your very own full blown wedding festival of dreams, I will stand by your side as a friend and treat each and every one with the passion, creativity and attention that it deserves.

To give my absolute all to each and every wedding, I only shoot a limited number of weddings each year. ​To check my availability, please contact me as soon as you have a date and a destination.

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