Let's face this together.

We may be quite used to taking the odd selfie but it's not every day that you have a professional camera pointed in your face and let's be totally honest, for most of us, the idea can be a little daunting.

I get it!

I come from a family of camera shy people. My profile picture on my about me page took several attempts and a small argument between me and my husband who was in charge of the camera, purely because I felt a bit self conscious!

Knowing exactly how it feels to be less than comfortable when you're having your photo taken, I'm here to share some top tips I have picked up over the many years of being a professional wedding and portrait photographer to help you combat the cringe and get over your fear of being in front of the camera.

So let's dive straight in...

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Get to know your photographer.

If we think about it, it's so much more comfortable having your photo taken by someone who you feel knows you. Someone who you can let your guard down in front of, just be yourself and have a laugh. Personally, the most important thing I do in preparation of a photo shoot, especially a wedding is to take the time to find out as much about you as possible. I want you to feel really comfortable around me.

Spend a little time looking at your photographer's work, and their style, interact with them and don't be afraid to ask for an extra chat before the photo shoot to break the ice and ease your nerves. All connection builds trust between you and by the time your shoot happens, you'll feel like you're there with a friend.

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Discuss your worries.

Trust me, we all feel self conscious about something. Whether you have a ''better side" or are worried about a feature you're not that fond of, we all get hung up on something. No matter how small or however silly it seems, I would want to know about it. As a photographer, I want you to love all your photos and by mentioning your worries to your photographer in advance, it means you have addressed it and you won't be thinking about it while you're having your photo taken.

It's our job to bring out the best in you and find the most flattering angles and poses. More importantly, you should be reminded that you are gorgeous as you are but insecurities are completely normal too.

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Create a mood board.

By getting involved in the creative process and planning your shoot with a mood board, you'll ensure that you're all on the same page. I love creating mood boards with my clients to include images that you love as it means that I know exactly what you are looking for in terms of mood and equally importantly, what you aren't.

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Embrace the awkward.

Yep, you'll feel awkward to start with but that's all part of the fun and it's how the magic happens.

It's that exact moment that you laugh about feeling awkward that will be the image that we keep and hopefully that you'll love. It'll be the most natural burst of laughter, or the biggest smile that we'll be after, so trust in your photographer they know what they are doing. Just go with it and have fun.

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Turn your couple shoot into a family shoot.

One really easy way to stop the nerves of being in front of the camera, is to take the focus off you. This one is especially useful for couples who are engaged to be married that may not necessarily want an engagement shoot. Involving the family, friends or even the family pet in a photo shoot before the wedding is a lovely way to become more comfortable having your photo taken without the pressure of it being just a couple shoot. Of course you can have a few photos of just the two of you during the shoot too. It'll ease you in gently.

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The most important thing is to be yourself and have fun. Remember that time together is precious. You'll look back on your photos with so much love and if you need that extra push to be brave, from one awkward smiler to another, do it!

Even if it feels a little out of your comfort zone, you'll be glad you did.

To talk about booking your own photo shoot or to get more top tips on how to make the most of your photo shoot, click below and let's get chatting.

Don't just take my word for it...

" I believe Jen’s skill of putting people at ease it what helps make her photos so stunning."


"I cant recommend enough! Jen was so lovely and kind, our photos are beautiful. My partner and I are both quite shy and she put us at ease, it was so natural and fun."


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