A total re-shuffle.

Weddings over the past two years have been completely re-shuffled. With no clear road map for the wedding industry, many weddings are still on hold. If you've had to change your wedding plans, maybe even more than once over the past year, you may be at the point where you're considering canceling altogether. Maybe you've been considering a more intimate wedding or eloping, just the two of you. Here, I look at six positive reasons why having a 'Micro Wedding' may be for you and why they are so much fun.

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six reasons to have a micro wedding by London wedding photographer, Jennifer West

1) You can break with traditions.

Want to get ready together, walk to your ceremony together? Wear a green wedding dress and head to the park for champagne and donuts after your intimate ceremony? The benefit of a Micro wedding is that you can do exactly what you want. With fewer people to organise and no lengthy itinerary to adhere to, a micro wedding gives you the freedom to do it your way, this could be considered one of the most liberating times in modern history, as far as weddings are concerned. It's time to rip up the rule book!

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2) It's all about you two.

You don't have to worry about the dietary requirements or seating plan for your 100 guests, or if your choice of bridesmaid's dress will suit your four very different bridesmaids. A big wedding can sometimes start to feel about other people and the beauty of a micro wedding is that it takes all those decisions away from you, so you can focus on what you two as a couple want, no guilt required.

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reasons to have a small london elopement

3) You can throw a big party later.

A lot of couples have been opting to extend the celebrations, with an intimate ceremony with just a handful of your closest guests this year and a big party the following year, when it's a little more guaranteed that you'll be able to pack out a dance floor with all your loved ones. It could be the best anniversary party ever!

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4) You get to wear your wedding outfits twice!

If you decide to extend your celebrations with a big reception later in the year, do you even need an excuse to wear 'that dress', 'those shoes' or 'that suit' again? I mean, how amazing is that? When most wedding outfits sadly only get worn once, then packed away, you get to wear them twice and look that good all over again.

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5) It's very romantic.

A micro wedding or elopement can feel spontaneous and exciting. There's something a bit edgy and incredibly romantic about having a micro wedding, you don't need a Little White Chapel in Las Vegas to feel like you're eloping and the excitement of 'doing it anyway' despite the limitations, can be so fun.

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why you should consider a micro wedding this year

6) Be a positive part of history.

There have been so many negatives over the past year, seeing the positive is so important. Being one of the couples married in a pandemic can feel empowering and a little rebellious. Personalise those facemasks, pack your hand sanitizer and prove that even in a global pandemic, your love wins.

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Be an inspiration to others.

The Micro wedding has been a definite positive. Couples and wedding suppliers have teamed together to make weddings still happen in the most creative of ways, it has been inspiring being part of an industry that will not back down in helping couples get married and seeing love win during the most challenging of times.